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The Studio

We are a fun innovative Pilates studio in Kahala, Honolulu, Hawaii.  The studio is our playground to enjoy with friends and family, to escape the stress of work and everyday life, and to restore balance to our bodies and lives.  The Firm Pilates Studio first opened in Hawaii Kai in June 2011, next to Roy's Restaurant.  In March 2016, we moved to our current location in Kahala.  The studio is  fully-equipped with Balanced Body Reformers, EXO chairs, Pilates Arcs, barrels, mats, rings, balls, rollers, weights, and a Cadillac. We are a BASI Pilates affiliate studio.  We offer energizing group reformer classes and customized private and semi-private sessions to fit individual needs.   

Our Philosophy


The Firm Pilates Studio teaches clients body awareness, body alignment, and proper muscular engagement to exercise efficiently and gain lasting results.  The Pilates exercises prepare the body for daily tasks and athletic performance.  They also help to prevent injury and combat the effects of aging.  Clients see improvement in their balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength.  We enjoy teaching a wide range of clients (ages 8-88) with varying levels of athleticism and different fitness goals.  You do not have to prepare or get fit to start Pilates.  You just have to show up and be consistent.  Firmly commit to your health and contact us.  It's that simple.          

Studio Etiquette 


At The Firm Pilates Studio, we like to keep things clean and running smoothly.  We require a small hand towel and socks (preferably ones with grips on the soles) to work on the equipment.  We highly recommend bringing a water bottle.  Please arrive on time, and a few minutes early if it's your first time.  Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, and body lotion.  Also, keep jewelry and valuables at home.  Turn off or silence cell phones.  Please be quiet if a class is in session.  Thank you. 

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