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The Firm Pilates Studio is fully loaded with Balanced Body equipment: Reformers, Pilates Arcs, EXO chairs, a Cadillac, and a Ladder barrel.  We also have lots of accessories to modify and enhance workouts, including mats, rings, balls, rollers, and weights. 


The reformer is a flat-bed with a moving carriage.  It contains 5 springs of varying resistance.  The carriage is moved by pushing against the foot bar or pulling the straps with the hands or feet.  A full body workout is easily achieved on the reformer with sitting boxes and jump boards.  

Pilates Arc

The Pilates Arc is modeled after the classic spine corrector.  However, this lightweight arc is ergonomically designed to accommodate more uses and body types.  Used alone or with other equipment, it's great for back stretches, alignment, and support.  

EXO Chair

The EXO Chair is the most versatile piece of Pilates equipment.  It's the modern compact version of the Wunda Chair.  The spring-loaded pedals are a challenge for any student, beginner or advanced.  The EXO chair is great for those that can't be on their back or feet for extended periods of time.    


The Cadillac or tower is a stationary flat-bed higher than the reformer.  Springs attach to the Cadillac frame for progressive resistance to provide a full-body workout.  The Cadillac is best for those with limited mobility and flexibility and those needing assistance.  The Cadillac can also be fun for those that like to hang or do inverted exercises.     

Pilates Mat

Pilates mats are thicker than yoga mats, by at least more than double.  They provide superior comfort and support for the spine, tailbone, and knees.  

Ladder Barrel

The ladder barrel is a high-wood barrel used for stretching, enhancing flexibility and strengthening the core.  Ladder barrel exercises supplement reformer and Cadillac workouts.

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